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We do not participate in “Groom Olympics”. We take care to avoid stress and incident. It is a minimum of 3-4 hrs groom time for each pet especially if you have multiple pets. This way we insure a stress free groom four our anxious and our senior pets. Please do not rush us and abuse us for caring about the well being of your pets! 

Welcome Professional Pet Styling


An alternative approach to pet grooming
Care Quality Consistency

Located in Guelph Ontario – Providing our clients with tailored to needs, from puppies to seniors, grooming services for dogs and cats.

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Please join us between 10am and 2pm

Nail Trims with proceeds going to The Humane Society (min $10 donation)
Mayor Cam Guthrie & Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner in attendence supporting small business in Guelph
Prize Draws
Free Gifts for your four legged furbabies
We look FORWARD to You Joining Us for our Celebration!

Discover Why Choose Us?

Consistency Care and Quality in Our Grooming Team
  • Individual One-on-one personalized service with either Jenny, Claire, Amy or Jay
  • Stress-free loving environment
  • We provide both options; condos for pets with special needs and a supervised cage free socialization area. There are No extended periods alone in cages. Someone is always with your pet. 
  • Grooming in a timely manner depending on the needs of your pet. 
Benefits of Regular Grooming at our Facility
  • Our services are all inclusive. Anal Gland Expression is the only additional fee as it is considered a veterinary service. Each pet gets a double bath hydro and hand massage using high quality organic or veterinary grade shampoo and conditioner, conditioning, high-velocity cool air dried, hand and fluff dry, basic undercoat removal (15 minute brush-out), finish comb out, sanitary, nail trimming/filing, pad and ear cleaning. 
  • Clean, sanitary and professional environment
  • Within the salon we are always within arms reach and your pet has our staff members’ undivided attention
  • We want your pets to become familiar with our grooming team and learn to trust us which is less stressful for everyone
Quality Equipment and Exceptional Service
  • Climate controlled with heat and air-conditioning
  • State-of-the-art equipment ensures the safety and comfort of your pet
For the Love of Pets

“Your companion deserves the best! We believe that every pet is unique, and every service is tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet.  The benefits of grooming your pet go far beyond appearance and smell; better health, well-being, easier maintenance and a superior quality of life.”

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To Avoid Disappointment, PRE-BOOK Your Next Appointment!

“Pre-booking your appointment in the recommended 6 to 8 weeks is the way to making life simple and keeping your pet looking it’s best; feeling healthy happy and fabulous!”
  • On occasion we accept walk-in appointments.
  • On occasion we may have a cancellation available.
  • Generally we need about a week notice.
  • Saturdays and holidays book quick or are often already filled with clients who pre-book their grooming appointments. 

What you can expect! Services

At times, a salon is the best fit for Pets, especially a pet with Special Needs. We provide dedicated one-on-one appointments, and have multiple hands to attend to your companion, whether it be canine or feline.

Your companion is calmer, happier, and less stressed when there is another reassuring hand to provide moral support. We also have a supervised area where your dog can relax and chill, before and after their spa day, with our staff or hang out with other well socialized dogs. This experience is tailored to your dogs needs.

Our salon has the equipment and our staff has the training to safely groom all sizes of pets. We have experience with multiple types of pet personalities, and have participated in many continuing educational programs dealing with separation anxiety, fear, aggression, medical disorders, environmental, food and product allergies, age related issues, or traumatic experiences. We will evaluate your pets needs and do our best to advise you with best possible solutions.

We offer prearranged appointments, when the need arises, where the owner has the option of staying with their pet. These are specialized services, at the groomer’s discretion, to help provide and train your cat or dog for a better grooming experience.

We offer:
  • Observation and Evaluation of your companion’s overall condition
  • Full Service and Specialty Service Grooming for ALL SIZES of dogs and cats – For more information on our cat services check out our FELINE FINESSE page
  • Specialty pre-arranged appointments available
  • Veterinary Consultation to give you the best possible result for treating skin conditions with the use of Veterinary Grade Medicated Shampoo and Conditioners 
  • Pet, Breed Specific and Artistic Styling 
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • We take walk-ins for nail trimming of dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Specialty Bathing and in between full service grooming maintenance
  • Flea, Deodorizing treatments and Skunk Treatments
  • De-matting and De-shedding Services
  • Deep Conditioning treatments
  • Specialty All Natural Hypoallergenic Products
  • Clipping, Hand Scissoring and much more!


New Specialty Service CO2 Skin Therapy

What is CO2 Therapy?

CO2 Therapy is a compressed tablet consisting of all natural water soluable ingredients used to rinse your pet after being bathed. CO2 Therapy has been used in human medicine for decades. It is used as a wound flush or a bath soak. The vasodilating effect of CO2 allows more oxygen to reach the periphery of the body “the skin”.  Increased blood flow to the skin (the largest organ) makes oxygen more available.  

How does it work?

This is biochemistry , microbiology and cell metabolics. In simple terms, the tablet is dissolved by fresh running water. The water is used to rinse your pet. Your pet’s skin absorbs ions from the tablet dissolution process, which increases the metabolic rate of cells and transfer of ions through cell membranes. Higher cell metabolism leads to improved circulation, and oxygen absorption. This in turn flushes waste by-products from the body faster. Simply put, CO2 Therapy aids in flushing out toxins, and assists in maintaining healthy skin pH levels.

What Are the Benefits of CO2 Treatment?
Deep Cleaning & Odour Removal
  • CO2 treatment has the ability over time to deep clean and help open clogged pores which cause odour
  • CO2 treatment preserves natural moisture levels in your pets skin
Medical Problems & Allergies
  • Dog’s skin is 1/3 the thickness of human skin and cat skin is even thinner
  • Damaged epidermis can cause an impalance in pH levels resulting in dermatitis – scabs, yeast overgrowth and sebum buildup
  • CO2 treatment works to increase circulation in the skin, remove debris and rebalance pH, which helps maintain the health and quality of your pet’s skin
Improved Coat

The effect of CO2 deep cleaning removes mineral sebum and product buildup from the hair and root. The result is a full, lush, silky and healthy coat.

Results can typically be seen after one use of CO2 therapy, but like medications and/or other treatments pets with major medical skin problems and chronic allergies will need followup baths for the therapy to work. Your pets skin needs time to regenerate, recuperate and heal especially if the problem has been long term. CO2 therapy will not cure skin problems or allergies but it does alleviate many symptoms.



De-matting young dogs makes them dislike grooming to the point where they become VERY difficult to handle and may even become a biter, requiring them to be muzzled for grooming.

De-matting of older dogs is metally and physically stressful and places their health and well being in jeopardy.

De-matting is very painful and will irritate skin, especially if your dog has pink or sensitive skin.

De-matting large areas, when matting close to the skin, will result in brush burn. Brush burn is as serious as a third degree burn on a human and may require medical treatment.

We are a humane grooming fascility. Please do not expect us to brush out a severely matted or tangled coat. If you have a long haired dog or cat and wish to maintain the long length, there is no magical solution or alternative way but to keep it brushed and combed out between professional grooms. If this is not viable, the we recommend booking regular maintenance (bath, brush and tidy) grooming between your regular full grooming services. If you require assistance is choosing the proper tools or in the use of these tools, we are always happy to assist you.

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“specialty appointments and times available by pre-arrangement only”