Have a Question? FAQ

Do you use sedation?

As Professional Pet Groomers we do not sedate your pets. In fact, it is illegal for us to do so. HOWEVER, if your pet requires sedation and your veterinary has prescribed it we will groom your pet. You will have to make special arrangements for an appointment, and there will be more than one staff member allocated to working with your pet. This is for safety of both stylist and pet.

What do you do when my companion is finished their spa day?

We call you when your companion is finished or designate a time for pickup. Cats are provided their own condo. Well behaved and socialized dogs are able to lounge in our supervised secured play pen. If you are not comfortable with this, we are happy to provide your canine companion with a condo when not being handled. 

Why should I groom my pets over the winter months?

The myth is believing keeping more hair and fur in the winter months will keep you pet warmer than a short coat would. This is a very common misconception. Long coats are very hard to maintain for the average busy family. They are even harder to maintain when they get wet from snow. A matted coat takes eons to dry and may never completely dry out leaving dampness next to the skin. A shorter well maintained tangle free coat dries much faster and is much easier to maintain. Matting starts at the skin, retains moisture, prevents air circulation around the skin, and impedes temperature regulation. Moisture retained near the skin is a prime breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. These microbiological nightmares cause sore skin and infection. Sometimes these infections are reoccurring as the bacteria or fungus get into the hair follicle. Hot spots caused by various bacteria and fungus i.e.(Staphylococcus/Pseudomonas/Yeast/Fungus) are some of the leading culprits. To ensure a happy  healthy pet, we recommend grooming every 6 to 8 weeks – A shorter coat that is mat free is warmer for your companion, than a long tightly matted one.

Why does my dog need a nap when he gets home?

A spa day for your companion is an interruption in their daily routine. This can be super exciting for some as well as super stressful for others. Some pets absolutely love their spa days and can’t wait while others are stressed by being away from their pack or their comfort zone. The excitement, the focus for the process and socialization all in one day makes for a very tiring experience; hence nap time at home! All is good. It is like going to the gym for people. Some of us get totally wiped out and others get stimulated.

When should I start getting my puppy or kitten groomed?

The most influential time is the first three to four months. Once vaccinations are done and your vet advises it is safe to come in contact with other pets, we recommend your first visit.

Your companions experience during these formative months will shape the behavior for the rest of their lives. It is critical for your pets to associate their spaw day and a stylist as something positive! The more frequently a pet experiences a positive spa session, the more comfortable they will become with the process.

We offer puppy and kitten packages which do just that. We work with your companion over a period of a month; introducing handling, equipment, and process by someone who is not an immediate pack member. We work with you and your pet to achieve the best possible outcome and solutions along the way. By the end your pet is completely comfortable and knows how to behave for grooming. This small effort on your part will save your pet and stylist years of anxiety and stress when it is time for a spaw day.

How often can my pet be bathed?

Pet Products should be the envy of people. They have come a very long way in a short time. Pets are family members now, they are in the bed and on the furniture so we want them to be fresh and clean! The products available are designed specifically for your pet, and frequent bathing is no longer a concern to skin and coat, as long as quality products are applied and rinsed properly. All About Grooming spends considerable time researching and testing quality natural eco-friendly products for the use on your pets. We also work with local veterinarians to provide specialty products for your companion when the need arises.

Can you groom my cat?

Well behaved cats are always welcome!

More questions?

We believe in building a relationship with you the client and your pet. We want it to be a lasting relationship. Do not hesitate to call, text or email any questions or concerns you may have. We will do our best to answer.