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Clean Bubbles


Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will it cost?

While we have a base price, our prices are based on the time it takes to complete what is needed to be done safely and stress free. A short coat will fall on the lower end of the price scale and a long haired coat will fall on the higher end of the price scale due to the length of drying, brushing and scissoring time involved. Pricing takes into account: 

  • Frequency of Grooming: A pet on a 6 to 8 week schedule will take less time than a pet that only comes in once or twice a year.

  • Size: A large dog will take more time to groom than a small dog.

  • Breed: A smooth short coat Pug is easier to groom than a long coated Shilo Shepherd.

  • Type of Style: A moderate length clipped style with scissoring finish takes less time than a long hand scissor style. 

  • Coat length. A short coat takes less time to groom than a long coat. This is due to the preparation and drying time involved.

  • Coat and Skin Condition: If the coat is matted or the skin is unhealthy - it takes time to fix the problem.

  • Specialty Services. Deep conditioning, medicated and spa treatments for skin ailments need to stay on for a length of time and be massaged into your pets coat and skin - they often need to sit for longer to be effective. 

  • Temperament: If the pet is fighting the entire grooming process, it will take longer to complete the groom. If grooming becomes too stressful or dangerous for either pet or groomer we will stop the process. You will be contacted, charged for the time and advised on how to proceed.

Why should I get my cat groomed?

Licking and grooming are two very different things. All animals lick themselves as a basic form of cleaning. This is NOT grooming. Grooming is far more thorough, and something any animal cannot achieve without the help of their humans.

Owning a cat should never be embarrassing. It should never be a chore. Cats have greasy coats, and shed a lot. As a cat owner you probably think that is how cats are. As an owner you probably do not know that professional cat grooming is a solution.

A cat with a thick greasy shedding coat is the reason why they get so dirty, sometimes even look slimy and dull - they develop knots, end up very matted, and need to be shaved. What If you did not have to shave your cat? What if your cat did not have such an unruly thick greasy coat? What if you had your cat groomed on a regular schedule? 

A basic cat groom involves a bath, conditioning, blow dry and combing. This can make a huge difference in maintaining your cat at home between services. What is normally a huge frustrating grooming nightmare that you are unable to keep up with, can become a much more pleasant moment between you and your cat.

Certain coat types require more attention than others. They need more frequent bathing conditioning brushing and combing to prevent knots, matting, odor and hairballs. Having your cat regularly professionally groomed takes that worry away. The fact is that regular grooming reduces: shedding, dandruff, allergies (to your cat), hairballs, matting and dreadlocks, ear buildup, eye crusts, fleas, mites, odor, dirty paws, feces buildup, and long sharp talon nails. 

If you keep your cat on a schedule of 4 to 8 weeks depending on coat type, and you follow our recommendations your cat will not be an unruly mess any longer, and won't need to be shaved (unless that is what you want). 

Can I purchase the products you use on my pet?

We are excited to announce that we have increased our range of retail products available for purchase including bathing products, bedding, safety, and apparel. All products are available for purchase at our salon. 

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