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Clean Bubbles

Our Mission


While your pet is in our care they will be treated like a family member.


We will provide your pet with the best treatment possible and be attentive to any medical and special needs.


If your pet becomes stressed during the grooming process, we will stop, assess the situation and take a break to relieve tension for both your pet and our staff.

Health and Safety Policy

We require the following policies to be met to guarantee the safety, care, treatment and overall wellbeing of your pet is maintained while in our charge.

Proof of Vaccine

Ontario Law requires your pet to be vaccinated against rabies. As such, our insurance requires all pets (indoor and outdoor) to be vaccinated against rabies. Failure to provide proof of rabies will result in refusal of service. The only way around this is a letter from your veterinarian stating why your pet cannot have the vaccine.  For further information, please refer to the WDG Public Health Guide.

Time Allowance

Please be aware if you have a difficult pet or a pet with special needs, your grooming appointment will take longer. We may not be able to complete the groom for safety reasons, and we will inform you as to why. You as the owner can help by not placing unrealistic time and style demands. 

Animal Welfare

Pets that are pelted or severely matted will be given a short style for the welfare of the animal. We are humane groomers and will NOT brush out  severely matted or neglected pets and reserve the right to report cases of suspected animal abuse to the authorities. 

Cancelation Policy

48 hours notice is required for all cancellations to allow us to fill the appointment spot created by cancelling.  Failure to provide 48 hours notice and "no shows" are subject to a $25 fee for the first offence, after that you will be required to pay 50% of the full groom cost as a non-refundable deposit for the next appointment.

Additionally, new clients will not be given another booking if they don't meet the above cancelation policy requirements. 

Privacy Policy

J & J Pet Care Ltd and its subsidiaries respect your privacy and has a commitment to keeping your personal information shared with us safe. We do not share or sell your information unless we have your express permission in writing to do so. We will share certain information where necessary for the prevention of crime and animal welfare with the authorities without consent when appropriate. We do not hold credit card information on file for your protection, security and fraud prevention. We do ask for your consent in releasing pictures of your pet and their name for social media and advertising. Consent maybe withdrawn at any time either verbally or in writing. 

General Liability Waiver

All About Grooming requires every new client to sign a General Liability Waiver.  Download the PDF to view the full agreement.

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