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Updated: Apr 26

Bringing my perspective to problems which all groomers (stylists), including myself struggle with on a regular basis. I'm Jenny. A groomer. This year (2023) I turn 55., and have over 20 years experience as a Professional Pet Stylist. I have been working with dogs since I was 12 years old but explored alternative careers ending with degrees in the sciences and education. I have three degrees, B.Sc., M.Sc., 4 years of an incomplete PhD, and a B.Ed (specializing in children and science). These are just the tip of my educational iceberg. I have held numerous awards in science and graduated with top honors. In 2003 I made a radical change and simply quit my old line of work and took a job as a kennel technician with a local vet. From there the grooming just re-happened. So here I am.

The dreaded google review......

How many 5 star reviews does it take to negate a 1 star review?

It takes four five-star reviews.

"Assuming that only one of every 10 happy customers leaves a positive five-star review, and knowing that it takes four five-star reviews to make up for each one-star review, you can figure it takes 40 positive customer experiences to make up for a single bad review."

FAKE REVIEWS: are damaging and take so much extra effort to recover from. If you are unhappy the easiest solution is to not come back as there are so many great grooming choices in Guelph.

"All About Grooming Pet groomer PLACE DETAILS

shronk shronk

6 days ago We took our dog to this groomer and he came back with an uneven haircut. I was advised not to come here because my friends took their dog here and he returned with a cut on his neck. BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Thankfully they had insurance… I however do not. I was worried that my dog would be mistreated at this establishment but thankfully he was not. 👍 good job on doing the bare minimum. However, goodness me I encourage all to take their dogs elsewhere for a haircut. Overall an unwelcoming experience towards both myself and my lil pookie bear. Trust the one star reviews. 1🌟"

What is wrong with people these days?

First of all why does GOOGLE permit "fake name profiles"? Fake name so you can't be traced for your fake review. Facebook changed that policy long ago to prevent fake accounts and TROLLS. GOOGLE has still not done this. Unfortunately, I seem to attract google TROLLS! *shrug* This is not the first one. I have had a few that I have tracked down, and the person has removed the review. If I find you so will my lawyer - LIBEL and SLANDER.

I am going to dissect this review. My way to vent. Why? Because it hurts me, it hurts my husband, it hurts my business, and it hurts my staff. All in all, it is horrible to have something like this happen when there are other ways to resolve issues, and in a far more respectful and positive way. If you are not happy just don't come back. There is no need for fake names and fake reviews.

The worst thing was we came back from a short camping trip over the Canada Day weekend. As a dedicated groomer I don't get a lot of time off. We came back to this review. Long weekends are the only time my husband and I get to enjoy together due to busy schedules. We are used to being here and working 7 days a week. What I am not used to is being blindsided by someone who is not even a client, and someone who left such a lie for a review.

Am still waiting for a response from "Shronk Shronk" - now has changed their name. Have given this individual fair time and ways to reply. As for your "FRIEND" if this was true why did they not contact me, and why did they need you to defend them? If you were advised by your friend not to come to my salon, why did you? Have you seen my work? It is highly unlikely the "haircut" was uneven.

After photo of random groomed clients dog by Jenny
Cute and Floofy!

I am one of the groomers in this town who can hand scissor an entire dog and it come back eight weeks later still in perfect shape once washed and dried. The statement of an uneven haircut is NONSENSE. Picture included of a random client. Looks pretty even to me.

To be fair uneven haircuts happen but it is not something to warrant a one star review. Perhaps the dog was an asshole on the table and it's the best we could do - or the dog was a matted mess and well that speaks for itself. That is petty! Don't blame me or my staff for that. It is NOT fair. I also contacted Google, and of course, they were useless.

Then again I have no record of a "Pookie Bear" and/or notes or any photos. I find keeping up with social media draining. I do take photos for my personal record every day. Sometimes I post but at the end of a very long day of grooming social media is not really my priority. Resting is.

This review bothers me because I have no record of this person or their pet, there have been no complaints or clients that have come to me with a problem. It's a total backstab. We have camera footage that disputes any of these claims. It would be nice to have this review removed as it is unfair, unnecessary, and uncalled for.

The fact that "Shronk Shronk" left such an unnecessary review that hurts our business and our staff just shows what kind of person they are. In my opinion, people like this are cancers to any profession. We work hard to take care of our clients and their pets, and provide them with the best service possible. If you come at me guns blazing you will get a firefight. If you come at me reasonably we can work it out without being damaging.

Thanks for putting a damper on my day and reminding me that people WITHOUT compassion, kindness, and empathy do exist. "Shronk Shronk" has only one review, and it was negative - toward my company. The name isn't even a real name. At least use your real name. Please stop hurting small businesses. I wish Google would ban fake people like you and fake accounts like yours. Stop leaving negative reviews everywhere you go.

The reason why I am posting this is because I let this review bother me, and it ruined my entire day. I actually spent time calling GOOGLE to report it, went out of my way to review emails, phone calls, bookings and CCTV. Did I miss something? Did something slip by during a busy moment? When I was done and mentally exhausted it was almost midnight.

I realized at that moment that we all have to be kinder and more compassionate towards one another. We are all human and can have a bad day. It's hair and it will grow back. If it's uneven it can be fixed. My reputation on the other hand will take a lot more to fix. Are you satisfied with yourself? You left a one star review you TROLL. There are so many better ways to deal with problems than a one star google review.

On the other hand, it is on the internet. Anything on the internet can be added and can be removed. It is an entire industry. Parasitic in my opinion - if I pay a company money, they can have the review removed. Unfortunately I am a small business and this sort of financial wastage is not in the budget.

To the person who left this review. I took your review personally, I let it cause self doubt. I let it beat me up on the inside, and make me feel less of a person. It made me feel like a bad groomer - that I am bad at my job. I let it consume me. I remained as neutral as possible in my response giving you every opportunity to contact me directly to find a resolution. Thank-god I have really awesome clients, and groomer friends who see through this sort of B.S. I am so glad and lucky to have you all supporting me!

Thank you everyone for their support and reviews (regardless good or bad). I will always share my side :-) If I deserve it I will take it. If I don't you can guarantee that I will fight back!

Just looked and you changed your name from Shronk Shronk to Maeve. Still not a client. Still don't know who your friend or who your dog is. You are a horrible human. Karma will come for you just like it does for eveyone.

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