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Bringing my perspective to problems which all groomers (stylists), including myself struggle with on a regular basis. I'm Jenny. A groomer. This year (2023) I turn 55., and have over 20 years experience as a Professional Pet Stylist. I have been working with dogs since I was 12 years old but explored alternative careers ending with degrees in the sciences and education. I have three degrees, B.Sc., M.Sc., 4 years of an incomplete PhD, and a B.Ed (specializing in children and science). These are just the tip of my educational iceberg. I have held numerous awards in science and graduated with top honors. In 2003 I made a radical change and simply quit my old line of work and took a job as a kennel technician with a local vet. From there the grooming just re-happened. So here I am.

Paul McCarthy 5 reviews·1 photo a year ago Got my dog back with a cut in his eye. Vet says it was a sharp blade quite deep. Vet bill $400 groomers say oh got a picture of your other dog hitting that one in the face on my phone?? wow that is quick photography --B.S. Would not make a copy of video from CCTV or send it, could not find picture on phone. Will not pay vet bill. Threaten me with lawyer if I post anything. Horrible human beings in my opinion. Would never take any live animal to this place again.

Response from the owner

a year ago We have not responded until now under advisement of our legal professionals. So let me begin by calling your claims here as fictitious and unjustified! We have the photographic proof your dogs were in our pen together and we also have the photo evidence which we sent to your wife that your dogs were fine when they were here. You claim it happened the day they were here, yet the evidence does not support this. Even the vets can not confirm or deny what happened as you didn't go to them until the day after. If it had of happened as quick as you claim, they eye would have been swollen sooner! You waited over a week before trying to collect the vet bill money from us and then a further week before even asking about CCTV. Our system only records for 2 weeks, which is pretty standard for most businesses. You had the opportunity to come to us as a respectful person, no you came at us with your threats first! You wanted money from us and if we refused to pay you would do exactly as you have done here, slander us all over social media and bad reviews. How did you think we would respond? We sought legal advice as what you are claiming is fictitious. I hope everyone reads this so they can see the type of person you are. Rather than trying to be a genuine person concerned about their pets, no you are more concerned about a vet bill of 400 bucks to which we told you we would not pay until an investigation was concluded as our right!

One year later. I will share my side.

I am not a newbie, nor am I an idiot. I am a certified and trained groomer of over 20 years. I was a vet groomer for half of that time. An injury to an eye is immediate. The eye would have been squinted and closed within seconds to minutes of any injury with a sharp object. This would have been apparent before the groom was finished. This is after the groom. Eyes wide open. No watering/tearing, no rubbing or squinting.

Face on shot of dog
After groom - Wide eyed and bushy tailed

Owner who prefer no crating after grooming can have their pet stay  in the open pen area
playing in the pen - no crate option

Relaxing on the sofa in the pen area
Dogs and sofas

pen area housing for pets who can't be crated
waiting for pickup

two dogs in the pen area
share the sofa sis!

Thanks for your one star google review. It is very much appreciated letting everyone know how horrible we are and how terrible our salon is. Here is your picture and video proof you wanted before one star reviewing us on social media. I was sitting in the pen with them as they like my company, but yet I am a horrible person. I have been grooming your dogs off and on never regular, full of undercoat and smelly super sour for a pittance for years - why because I liked them - they were good dogs. You never wanted them crated, so I never did. In those times I remember that one time we couldn't get the sour smell out, but hurt them never. If I had caused any injury I would have let you know. Do their faces look like they need any tools besides a shammy and a towel taken to them? No they do not need that kind of grooming. Those "sharp" tools don't come anywhere near their heads. I don't know what happened. Accidents happen.

You came at me threatening me right off the bat. Maybe if you approached me civilly without guns blazing this would have ended better. If you handled it differently, but you didn't. If you had said it's a big bill and discussed it with me like a reasonable individual it would have turned out different (YOU SCARED ME ENOUGH THAT I CONSULTED MY LAWYERS!) That on it's own speaks volumes.

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