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Updated: May 9, 2023

Bringing my perspective to problems which all groomers (stylists), including myself struggle with on a regular basis. I'm Jenny. A groomer. This year (2023) I turn 55., and have over 20 years experience as a Professional Pet Stylist. I have been working with dogs since I was 12 years old but explored alternative careers ending with degrees in the sciences and education. I have three degrees, B.Sc., M.Sc., 4 years of an incomplete PhD, and a B.Ed (specializing in children and science). These are just the tip of my educational iceberg. I have held numerous awards in science and graduated with top honors. In 2003 I made a radical change and simply quit my old line of work and took a job as a kennel technician with a local vet. From there the grooming just re-happened. So here I am.

Do you trust us to take care of your pet?

Do you want us to do a good job?

Then why do you expect GROOM OLYMPICS - A FAST JOB.

"You'll be done in an hour or so, right?"

Under pressure - where I or one of my girls look at the clock every five seconds worrying that I will not be done by the time you come back, with hairs standing up on the back of our necks every time the phone rings or the door opens - worrying that it's you calling or coming in.

Under stress - so much that exhaustion sets in before we have even touched a tool.

Under duress - feeling burdened with time constraints and the desperate need to get your pet done.

Stressed out - because you are forcing us and your pet to accommodate your definition of time needed to groom a pet.

Anxiety ridden - because all of the above and worrying about accidentally hurting your pet.


Do you want me to do it right?

Do you want me to do it well?

At the pace your pet is comfortable with. At the pace, I as your groomer is comfortable with while grooming your pet. With love; With care; With understanding; With patience; Safely with attention to detail.

If you want a cheap fast inattentive job, we are not your groomers.

If you want a job well done, I will most certainly love to care for your pet, and give them all the attention they deserve.

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